About me

Hey I'm Lexy a mom of two boys and a wife of over a decade wow that makes me sound old. I started Sweet Styles Boutique because after many years in the decorated custom cookies business (pink frosting cookies) I found I loved the creative aspect and designing more so than the tedious work of the cookies themselves. I just wanted to decorate them get to the fun stuff basically. 

This is why I got into graphic t-shirts and tanks etc. I can design whatever I want and put it out there for a mom, baker, teacher or anyone really to express themselves.  

I started with a shop on another platform but was looking for somewhere to spread my wings a bit more creatively and have more control over my shop. I love everything pink if you couldn't tell and this is a fun space to add it and share it with you.

I want to be the place to go when you want a sassy shirt, or a tank top that explains how much you love flip flops and working out. Thanks for stopping by I really hope you love my shop!!